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EAL and Diversity


One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way ~ Frank Smith.


We are very proud that our school is a multi-lingual learning environment for all and welcome children from all parts of the world into our school family.  We understand that for children who are new to our country or who are learning English as an additional language that support may be needed.  Support may initially focus on ensuring children feel happy and secure in the school environment.  We then place considerable emphasis on firstly developing spoken language skills progressing to reading and writing. We know that the principles of good practice for children learning English are the principles of good practice for all children and we are effective at including all children by meeting their needs.


'Those pupils who speak English as an additional language receive high quality support and as a result make outstanding progress.' Ofsted 2013


Bilingualism is asset and we ensure that cognitive challenge is kept appropriately high through the provision of linguistic and contextual support for our EAL learners. Language acquisition goes hand in hand with cognitive and academic development, within our inclusive curriculum as the context.


'Share our similarities, celebrate our difference.' M Scott Peck


We employ two Bilingual Assistants to work with children for whom English is an additional language.


Pupils who speak English as an additional language, including those from Saudi Arabia, vary greatly in how fluent they are in English and often enter or leave the school at other than the usual times. They receive excellent support and, although not always reaching the expected levels, make outstanding progress from their starting points. ‘ Ofsted 2013