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More Able and Talented Children


The important thing is not to stop questioning ~ Albert Einstein.


At Kingston Park Primary School we want every child to fulfil their potential. As members of the National Association for Gifted and Talented Children we are constantly looking at ways to improve the provision for all children including the most able and talented. We have recently been awarded the NACE Challenge Award.


We recognise exceptionally able pupils as those who are working significantly above their peers, more able as pupils working above that expected and talented pupils as those with a natural ability in a non-academic subject such as physical education, art or music.


Pupils can be identified in one or more subject areas and information about their strengths is stored on a register. This ensures that their progress is regularly monitored and reviewed. Teachers are also aware of the pupils and can provide opportunities to develop specific gifts or talents and appropriate challenge.  


How are pupils added to the register?


Our teachers consider a range of evidence in order to judge whether a pupil is considered to be More Able or Talented. This may include attainment information, observations and information passed to the teacher from parents regarding achievements outside of school.


If the teacher requires further evidence to add a pupil to the register they may be placed on a separate list which means that they will be monitored closely and given further opportunities to display their talents or skills.


Will a registered pupil stay on the register throughout their time in school?


Not necessarily.  The register is continually reviewed and as primary pupils tend to show peaks and troughs in their progress, the register is fluid.  This does not mean that a child removed from the register has taken a step backwards or that their progress has lapsed.  It may simply mean that other children in their year group are now working at a similar level.  The purpose of the register is to make sure that every child experiences a broad and challenging curriculum that is matched to their ability, not to label or box pupils into a ‘more able and talented’ category.


How are parents involved in the review process?


At parent consultations your child’s teacher will provide suggested targets which will correspond with higher level skills in areas relating to your child’s strengths.  The class teacher will discuss with you their ideas for provision to support your child in achieving their targets. It is important that you, your child and their class teacher are in agreement, as these targets will be used to help monitor your child’s progress throughout the year.


How are the More Able and Talented pupils challenged?


Our pupils are challenged in a variety of ways including through appropriately challenging activities, open-ended tasks (where ‘the sky is the limit’), leadership roles, becoming an ‘expert’ to explain more challenging concepts to other pupils, ‘Challenge Corners’, extra-curricular  and curriculum enrichment opportunities.  Wherever possible, pupils will be given the opportunity to work on projects with secondary schools or other primary schools, with children of similar abilities. 


In day-to-day learning, pupils are often given differentiated work tasks, i.e. tasks that provide a greater challenge or scope for extended investigation.  Where our More Able or Talented pupils are given the same tasks as their peers, teachers would expect to see a higher level outcome and would encourage pupils to aim high. 


We offer a wide range of sporting opportunities, through after school clubs and inter-school tournaments.  Updates regarding our school’s sporting achievements can be found on our PE Celebrations board.


We celebrate extra-curricular achievements through our Kingston Park’s Got Talent board where pupil’s photographs certificates and awards are displayed.


Each week, our “Show and Tell” assembly is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the achievements of pupils who challenge themselves to excel in a particular area. At the end of every term, parents are invited to an achievement assembly where pupils are presented with awards for multiples of 5 show and tell certificates. You will also see a range of work by our More Able and Talented pupils in displays around our school.


We are keen for our pupils to have an active voice in school and a number of our More Able and Talented pupils are part of our School Council and Eco-Council.


Our Equal Opportunities Policy states that we are fully committed to providing an equal opportunities environment in which everyone is able to fulfil their potential and to feel pride in their identity. 


For our staff, parents/carers, volunteers, and wider adult community, we aim to provide equality regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race (this includes ethnic or national origins, colour or nationality), religion or belief (this includes lack of belief), sex, sexual orientation. We recognise all of the above as protective characteristics.


For our children we seek to provide the same quality and breadth of opportunity for all, regardless of age, race, religion or belief, colour, gender, sexual orientation, social background, special physical or educational needs.  


Equal opportunities is central to all aspects of the curriculum and school life and is fully incorporated within our full range of policies. Fundamentally Equal Opportunities is about Human Rights.


No aspect of school life can be excluded from equality.  We hope that the range of opportunities that we provide for our More Able and Talented pupils will promote self-confidence and ambition.  However, if a parent were to feel that their child had had a negative experience socially or emotionally, they should always speak to their class teacher in the first instance, as they would for any other concern.


For more information about More Able and Talented children at KPPS please contact Mrs McCluskey (More Able and Talented/Curriculum Enrichment Co-ordinator).