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Education for Sustainable Development


From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow ~ Aeschylus.


At Kingston Park we believe that Education for Sustainable Development is a necessary skill for everyday life and becoming a good citizen. In our rapidly changing world, Education for Sustainable Development should allow children to develop sustainable attitudes and values and make informed decisions about how their actions can affect the world locally, nationally and globally.


At Kingston Park Primary School, Education for Sustainable Development helps pupils make sense of their surroundings and the wider world. It provides opportunities for examining environmental themes and should promote positive attitudes towards our planet and its care. These positive attitudes are promoted through our Eco-Code which was developed with our school council.


Our Eco-Code states that in our aim to be a sustainable school:


  • We will always recycle our office paper.
  • We will re-use materials wherever possible.
  • We will put our litter in the bin.
  • We will close doors and turn off lights and computers to save energy.
  • We will turn off taps to save water.
  • We will look after our school grounds and wildlife.
  • We will try to walk or cycle to school whenever possible.
  • We will eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.


At Kingston Park Primary School Education for Sustainable Development has links across the curriculum. Education for Sustainable Development can occur:


  • As a major focus to a topic.
  • As a smaller element within a topic
  • As part of a whole class discussion
  • As part of an assembly
  • During story time
  • In displays, both in the classroom and in other areas of the school.
  • As a practical activity in the classroom or within the locality of the school grounds.


At Kingston Park Primary School we have fantastic school grounds which are frequently used to teach Education for Sustainable Development. Not only do we encourage children to take responsibility for their school environment we also have links with local organisations to promote Education for Sustainable Development. Children take part in nature walks, work with a local care home and through our School Grounds Club are encouraged to take care of both the school grounds and their local environment. School Grounds Club activities include planting, composting, promoting wildlife and maintaining the school grounds.