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Kingston Park

Primary School

Personal, Social and Health Education


We aim to give the pupils the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe. 


At Kingston Park we believe PSHE helps to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make choices about how to live confident, healthy, safe and independent lives. 


At Kingston Park we aim to deliver a PSHE curriculum which enables children to: 

  • Develop their self-esteem and promote a positive self image. 
  • Be able to identify and express a wide range of feelings. 
  • Develop an understanding of different kinds of friendships and relationships. 
  • Develop skills to enable children to make choices about health, safety and relationships. 
  • Develop an understanding of their own body, its function and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Prepare children to deal with the physical and emotional changes of growing up. 
  • Develop an understanding of sex, sexuality and conception through an age appropriate Sex and Relationship Education programme. 
  • Be safe online. 
  • Be aware of the wider world. 


From September 2020 Relationships and Health Education became compulsory in Primary Schools. Here at Kingston Park, we have always placed a great emphasis on both of these subjects and ensure this is reflected in our planning and teaching. 


At Kingston Park Primary school we use SCARF, a comprehensive scheme of work for PSHE and Wellbeing education. It covers all of the DfE's new statutory requirements for Relationships Education and Health Education, including non-statutory Sex Education, and the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study’s recommended learning opportunities, as well as contributing to different subject areas in the National Curriculum.  

We follow the six suggested half termly units and adapt the scheme of work where necessary to meet the local circumstances of our school, for example, we may use our local environment as the starting point for aspects of our work.