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Cups and Shields


Believe you can and you're halfway there ~ Theodore Roosevelt.

You can find out below about all of the awards which are presented to our outstanding Year 6 pupils at the end of each academic year.


Pupils who receive the awards are nominated by the Year 6 class teachers and then the whole school staff vote to decide the winner. 

Cavtec Science and Technology Award


The importance of Technology and Science in modern life is huge and the role of technology in the lives of individuals is increasingly significant. We can access knowledge and other useful resources at the click of a button or tap of a finger that 20 years ago we could not imagine.


As a local business owned and staffed by people from Kingston Park with children who attend Kingston Park Primary School we wanted to give something back to the Community, Cavtec Systems Ltd are privileged to sponsor the Science and Technology Award and by doing so have donated a transformer book PC to a deserving student, who can use it as a tool for learning, discovery and preparing for the demands of Secondary School. (Matthew Cave ~ Cavtec Systems Ltd)


2016 Winner ~ Prateek Nair

2017 Winner ~ Shona Mowat



The Kelsey Confidence Shield


2006 Winner ~ Dean Fatkin                                 2012 Winner ~ Harry Moore

2007 Winner ~ James Wilson                              2013 Winner ~ David Bowman

2008 Winner ~ Hannah Pyle                                2014 Winner ~ Luke Taylor

2009 Winner ~ Scott Greener                              2015 Winner ~ Katherine Nicolson

2010 Winner ~ Zoe McStea                                 2016 Winner ~ Marrisa Walker

2011 Winner ~ Candice Wynn                             2017 Winner ~ Brianna Wynn


Tenth Anniversary Achievement Award


Introduced by our previous Head teacher Mrs Judy Evans. This award was introduced in 1999 to celebrate the school’s tenth birthday. "We already had awards for children who worked hard and made good progress but I wanted to acknowledge those children who had achieved the highest standards academically by consistent hard work during their whole school career" (Judy Evans)


2000 Winner ~ Mark Tinsley                                2011 Winner ~ Shirin Anari

2001 Winner ~ Jade Carlie                                  2012 Winner ~ Naomi Gibson

2002 Winner ~ Victoria Brydon                            2013 Winner ~ Aidan Riley

2003 Winner ~ Dale Thompson                           2014 Winner ~ Grace Hanson

2004 Winner ~ Jessica Louise Burns                  2015 Winner ~ Hannah Baker

2005 Winner ~ Thomas Hedley                           2016 Winner ~ Fraser Collinson

2006 Winner ~ Neil McAllister                             2017 Winner ~ Elizabeth Baker

2007 Winner ~ Daniel Jordan                              

2008 Winner ~ Amy Dalrymple                               

2009 Winner ~ Emma Tulip                            

2010 Winner ~ Kirsty McAllister                               


The Smith Award for Sporting Achievement


2007 Winner ~ Eryn O'Dowd                             2013 Winner ~ Rhys Gardiner

2008 Winner ~ Rebecca Henry                          2014 Winner ~ Dami Aiyegbayo                    

2009 Winner ~ Ben Thompson                          2015 Winner ~ Alex Ormond

2010 Winner ~ Tommi Otieno                           2016 Winner ~ James Callender 

2011 Winner ~ Abigail Sellers                           2017 Winner ~ Liam Dalton

2012 Winner ~ Daniel Green


2014 - Silver Jubilee Music Award


The Music Award was donated by two parents, Helen Hanson and Lucy Mowat whose children attended and currently attend Kingston Park Primary School. Both families believe that education should be broad and should develop a wide range of skills and talents in children. Music is a vital part of primary school life, children listen to performances, participate in singing sessions and learn to play instruments. 


The Music Award is given to an outstanding musician in year six who has worked hard at learning to play and perform a musical instrument. The award is also designed to promote and encourage the talent of creativity; to celebrate those students who have shown some creative flair by writing and performing their own music. 


2014 Winner ~ Alistair Mowat

2016  Winner ~ Matilda Hunt

2017 Winner ~ Aiden Cave