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School Eco Council


Kingston Park Primary School has a dedicated and focused School Council.


Our school council is made up of one child from each class from year one to year six. Every September, children put themselves forward for councillor elections within their class. The children talk to their class about why they think they will make a good school councillor. Each class then votes for the pupil who they would like to represent them in the school council for the year.


School Council meetings are held fortnightly and give our pupils the opportunity to have a say in our school. Councillors make important decisions, including deciding which charity we will support for the year and the themes of charity events.


They raise suggestions that have come from the children in their classes and discuss ways to make our school even better. In the past the school council have made changes to school dinners and playground equipment.  


The council also promotes and searches for ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly. Last year, the councillors decided to stop the use of weed killer on our school grounds as it was bad for the environment.


If you have any suggestions that you would like the school council to discuss, please speak to your class councillor.