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School Day


You can gain an impression of what a ‘typical’ day at Kingston Park might look like on this page.


Children Arrive


The school gates open at 7.30am each morning for Breakfast Club. Children and their families come into the playground, play together and wait for the whistle to start the beginning of the school day. Children line up in their classes and are led into school by their class teacher.


8.55am ~ School Begins


Children say goodbye to their parents or carers and sensibly make their own way to their classroom. Children enter their classrooms for registration. Registers close at 9:00am with anybody entering the classroom after 9:00am being marked as ‘late’. 


9.00am - 10.25am ~ Lesson 1


The first formal lesson of the day begins at 9.10am (KS1) 9:25am (KS2). Children in KS2 complete 'Activity Time' from 9.00am-9.25am where the teacher will complete guided reading sessions, mental maths sessions, spelling and reading comprehension activities. The first lesson lasts for an hour.


10.25am ~ Assembly


The children attend an assembly every day at 10:25am. Assemblies take a number of different forms. On a Monday, Mrs Evans leads the assembly and other members of the Leadership Team lead assemblies (Tuesday-Thursday) that usually teach the children about interesting topics and recent events (e.g. Chinese New Year, E-Safety, Paralympics). 




On a Friday, we usually hold either Class Assemblies or other significant achievement assemblies. Dates for the assemblies will be on the school calendar.


10.45am - 11am ~ Playtime


Playtime takes place between 10:45 and 11:00am. The children make their way to the playground where they are supervised by staff. Children play a number of games, climb on our adventure climbing frames, or play ball games on our top playground or field. At the end of play, children line up in their classes and are taken back to to class. If the weather is wet, playtime takes place in the classroom where children can play with their ‘wet-play’ resources.


11.00am - 12.15pm ~ Lesson 2


The second formal lesson of the day begins straight after play at 11:00am. This lesson lasts for an hour.


12.15pm - 1.15pm ~ Lunchtime


Lunchtime begins at 11.30am for Nursery children and 12 noon for Reception children. The children in Key Stage One go to lunch at 12.15pm. The children in Key Stage Two go out to play at 12.15pm and are called for their lunch as class groups. Before and after they have had their meal, they play in the playground; supported by midday supervisory staff. Weather permitting, the children in Key Stage Two are able to eat their packed lunches outside in a seated area with their friends. At the end of lunch, the children line up in the playground and are taken back to class.


1.15pm - 2.45pm ~ Lesson 3


The third formal lesson of the day begins straight after lunch at 1:15pm. This lesson lasts for about an hour. During the afternoon session children may also take part in shorter lesson which may include music, handwriting, spelling, phonics and reading.


2.45pm ~ Storytime


The children will clear up resources from the school day and set up resources ready for the next morning. Every class in school has a story at the end of the day during quiet time. This is an important and special time of the day. 


3.20pm School Ends


Children gather their belongings and are collected from the classroom in Nursery and Reception, from the rear doors at the back of school in Years 1&2 and from the classroom doors in Key Stage Two.