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Religious Education


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success ~ Henry Ford.


At Kingston Park our R.E curriculum is broad and balanced. We learn about Christianity and at least two of the other principal religions, recognising the impact of religion and belief locally, nationally and globally. We make connections between differing aspects of religion and consider the different forms of religious expression.


At Kingston Park we consider the beliefs, teachings, practices and ways of life central to religion. This includes sacred texts and other sources and we consider their meanings. We begin to recognise diversity in religion, learning about similarities and differences both within and between religions and beliefs and the importance of dialogue between them: extending the range and use of specialist vocabulary. We guide, support and encourage children to find their own answers to life's ultimate questions.


We recognise the challenges involved in distinguishing between ideas of right and wrong and valuing what is good and true, thus communicating their ideas and recognising other people's viewpoints. Finally, we consider their own beliefs and values and those of others in the light of their learning in religious education. 


At Kingston Park we value hands on experience and visitors. If you can help in any way with our Religious Education topics by providing any resources (photographs, books, artefacts etc.) it would be much appreciated.


If you are interested in helping with a group on a visit, please see your child’s class teacher.