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Equipped with our five senses, we explore the universe around us and call this adventure science ~ Edwin Powell Humble.


At Kingston Park we believe that science provides the foundations for understanding the world. Through building key knowledge, concepts and skills,  pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. We aim to enthuse, develop and challenge pupils through an engaging and progressively structured curriculum. Pupils have the opportunity to learn through varied systematic enquiries, leading them to be equipped for life to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them.


At Kingston Park we have a skill focussed approach to the teaching of science which ensures an appropriate and flexible challenge within the classroom. Five key science skills support both knowledge and conceptual development:


- Explaining science
- Classification
- Designing experiments
- Data, tables and graphs
- Making conclusions

Children use direct experience of themselves and their surroundings in order to gain knowledge and understanding. The skills and processes of science are reflected in other curriculum areas, giving activities a real purpose.


Each year group is resourced with appropriate science resources relevant to topics covered. Larger items are centrally stored. We also at times are lucky enough to use more advanced equipment from Kenton School and Studio West. Strong links are being forged with these two schools so this will become even more beneficial to us, as we will have the opportunity to take groups of pupils to work in their Science labs.


There are strong links with Computing and pupils have the opportunity to use data logging equipment to support them in their science work.