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Summer Term Exhibition

At Kingston Park we celebrate the culmination of our pupils’ educational achievements with our unique, annual, Summer Exhibition. Each year, all pupils’ have an opportunity to showcase their creative and artistic talents through a particular topic focus. There are certain things the Summer Exhibition delivers on every single year: a panorama of art in all mediums, a remarkable mixture of literary forms and spectacular scientific investigations.


This year, we celebrated ‘Our Globalised World.’ 

Teaching children about global issues and encouraging them to see the world through other eyes is of huge importance, according to Campbell and a growing movement of internationally-minded educators. In an increasingly interconnected world, today's young generation need to learn to be able to engage in communication with people from a wide range of different cultures and traditions, they argue. This view is supported by evidence from an ICM survey of UK business leaders. The report, The Global Skills Gap: preparing young people for the global economy, reveals that when recruiting new staff, employers rate knowledge and awareness of the wider world as more important that a candidate’s degree classification or A-level results.


At Kingston Park, we have made a commitment to prepare all of our children for this globalised economy; to ensure that they are good global citizens who make a positive contribution to society and to ensure that they move away from a charity mentally and move closer to valuing the importance of social justice.


Year on year, parents comment on how they were mesmerised, enthralled and delighted by what they saw.