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Lunch Menus and Allergens


School meals are carefully designed to provide a balanced and healthy diet.


School meals are served in the School Hall, and are cooked on site. Menus follow a three week cycle and are carefully designed to provide a balanced and healthy diet. Children are served with vegetables as part of their meal each day, and there is always a variety of salad and fresh fruit available.


Cost of School Meals

The current price for school meals is £2.20 per day (Year 3 to Year 6)

The current price for school meals is £2.10 per day (Nursery)


All dinner money must be paid in advance via Arbor. If you have any problems with this, please contact the school office.


Packed Lunch

If your child brings packed lunch, please ensure it is in a clearly marked container. No glass bottles, nuts, fizzy drinks or sweets please!

Please remember that we are a 'Nut Free School' so NO NUTS please.


School Milk

School milk is available free of charge to Nursery children.


Water Bottles

It is school policy to encourage pupils to drink plenty of water. Water bottles (including the top) cost £1 and tops individually are 20p. 


Free School Meals

If you are on income support or receive certain other benefits, your child is entitled to a free school lunch.  It could be worth around £360 a year to you and your child. Please click below to find out more information.


For further information please follow the links below:


Newcastle City Council - Free School Meals


Online Application Form - Free School Meals Application


Universal Free School Meals

In September 2014 the government announced that all pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 would be entitled to receive a school meal at no cost to the parent/carer.


Lunch Bands 

We operate a lunch band system in school. Children will decide on their meal after the morning register and choose either a red, green, blue or yellow meal option.  If your child will be late in due to an appointment then your child may choose their meal a day beforehand. Meal choices and allergens are shown below which will allow you to sit with your child and visually see the options they may want to choose each day.  If your child has any special dietary requirements or for religious reasons does not eat certain foods, please ensure you talk to your child about their daily meal choices and advise them on their selection.  Our school staff will not question children about their choice of coloured band so children will always be given the meal they have chosen.


Allergen Information
In accordance with allergens legislation introduced on 13th December 2014 the kitchen staff at Kingston Park Primary School hold all the relevant information on the 14 listed allergens that need to be identified as ingredients in a dish.
This information is available on request.

Parental Responsibility
Please ensure the school is notified if your child has any allergies that we should be aware of.


Changes to Menu 


Newcastle City Council have asked us to be part of a trial menu.  The trial will take place w/c 3rd June and w/c 10th June 2024. The Menu for these two weeks will be as follows:


Monday 3rd June - Cheese and Bean Melt, Jacket Potato or Cheese Sandwich.

Tuesday 4th June - All Day Breakfast (Halal option available), Jacket Potato or Turkey Sandwich.

Wednesday 5th June - Penne Carbonara(Halal option available), Jacket Potato or Cheese Sandwich.

Thursday 6th June - Special D-Day 'Afternoon Tea' style lunch.

Friday 7th June - Nacho Chicken Wrap (Halal option available), Jacket Potato, Tuna Sandwich.


Monday 10th June - Cauliflower Cheese filled Yorkshire Pudding, Jacket Potato or Cheese Sandwich.

Tuesday 11th June - Tex Mex Enchiladas (Halal option available), Jacket Potato or Tuna Sandwich.

Wednesday 12th June - Veg Noodle Pot, Jacket Potato or Ham Sandwich.

Thursday 13th June - Chicken Tangine (Halal option available), Jacket Potato or Cheese Sandwich.

Friday 14th June - Cheese Quesadilla, Jacket Potato or Turkey Sandwich.