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Modern Foreign Languages


We have chosen to study Spanish.


At Kingston Park Primary we have chosen to study Spanish as our Modern Foreign Language in alignment with our main feeder school, Kenton, and our partner schools. As recognised in the languages programmes of study: Key Stage 2 National Curriculum 2014, we understand the importance of studying a foreign language at an early age.


At Kingston Park we aim to enable the pupils to understand and communicate in Spanish using accurate pronunciation and intonation. We want our pupils to develop enthusiasm and confidence in language learning. They will be given opportunities to write in Spanish and develop their understanding of the written language. Our pupils are well equipped to continue to develop their knowledge of Spanish at Key Stage 3.


At Kingston Park we provide our Key Stage 2 children with one hour of Spanish per week. This may be delivered as one hour session or several short sessions. We include many different types of teaching and learning activities such as games, songs, rhymes, reading, writing and speaking and listening.


If you require any more information about the Modern Foreign Language curriculum and how Kingston Park Primary School is following the curriculum please speak to Sarah Kilpatrick. Alternatively you can have a look at the iLanguage scheme of work.