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Physical Education

At Kingston Park we believe it is important to provide high quality Physical Education which inspires all pupils to succeed and excel. We believe that a healthy body helps maintain a healthy mind and that regular exercise improves the complete mental, physical and social well-being of our children.


Regular physical activity during the school day is strongly associated with higher concentration levels as well as more directed, composed behaviour. We are focused on providing children with as many different opportunities to be active throughout the school week.  These include: 


Physical Education Curriculum Provision

Each class is allocated 2 hours per week in which to teach PE.


At Kingston Park we have a skill focused approach to the teaching of Physical Education. Beginning in Foundation Stage and up to Year 4, we focus on the development of generic and transferable skills delivered through a multi-sport approach, with children learning skills, techniques and strategies that can be used in a range of different sports and activities. The Upper Key Stage Two curriculum is increasingly sport specific, and allows our children to experience a range of different sports and develop specific skills, techniques and strategies for each. Sports covered throughout Key Stage Two include: handball, hockey, dance, gymnastics, athletics, rugby, tennis, cricket and outdoor and adventurous activities.  Swimming is provided for children in Years 4 and 5 as part of curriculum provision. 


Skill - "A learned ability to bring about the result you want, with maximum certainty and efficiency"


At Kingston Park we follow a sequential, developmental curriculum that progressively builds on past skills and incorporates new experiences when children are ready.  We aim to find ways to actively engage all children in physical activity for the majority of every lesson. In addition to being actively engaged, children are also given plenty of opportunities to practice the skill or concept being taught.  Our lessons provide many practice opportunities, sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner and sometimes during small sided games in groups. As well as many practice sessions, we aim to plan lessons so that youngsters of all abilities have high rates of success.  When children experience success, they are more likely to continue practising and working to improve than when they fail.


The children take part in a regular run around the school grounds for up to 15 minutes.  We encourage the children to personally challenge themselves in order to help their overall fitness and stamina as well as to help boost concentration levels.


After School Clubs

We run a number of sports based after school clubs throughout the year.  External coaches deliver these clubs and we ensure that there is always a variety of clubs on offer such as gymnastics, football, dance, multi-skills and summer sports.


Competitive events

We also ensure that we provide pathways for some children to engage in competitive opportunities throughout the year.  We enter local football leagues, take part in city-wide tournaments and also run our own SMART Academy Trust competitions.  Competitions cover a wide range of sports including football, hockey, netball, multi-skills, athletics, swimming and rugby.  A number of our children also represent teams at club level.


Non-competitive events and festivals

In order to help provide all children with opportunities to engage in different activities, we have access to events that allow classes or year groups to take part in fun and inclusive active sessions to inspire and engage all children.  This enhances the provision we already provide through curriculum learning in school.