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Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before ~ Bonnie Blair.


Assessment at Kingston Park Primary School is continuous and ongoing, and is used to monitor a child’s progress, to plan future work and to inform parents.


Our teachers keep track of each child and strive to ensure that they are challenged by the work they are asked to do. Effective assessment influences the motivation and self-esteem of pupils, both of which have a big impact on learning. Assessment at Kingston Park is not just about marking in books; there is a lot of dialogue and verbal feedback too. Children are encouraged to reflect and evaluate their own learning and also to support and evaluate each other’s’ learning. The need for pupils to be able to assess themselves and understand how to improve is crucial to them becoming independent learners.


Teachers use their daily assessments to inform their planning and to adjust their teacher to take into account the children’s progress. 


Targets are set for all pupils at the beginning of each academic year and, together with attainment and progress towards end of year targets, these are discussed with parents/ or carers  at parent consultation meetings.


Statutory Assessments:


Children are assessed at different points during their primary school career; these assessments are statutory and are reported to the Department for Education and also to parents.  At Kingston Park, we are committed to making these assessments as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Statutory Assessments take place during the Summer Term.


Year Group ~ Reception


Type of Assessment:

  • End of Foundation Stage Profile
  • Teacher assessment based upon evidence collected throughout Nursery and Reception.


Year Group ~ Year 1

Type of Assessment: 

  • Phonics Screening


Year Group ~ Year 2

Type of Assessment: 

  • Phonics Screening (if not passed in Year 1)
  • Type of Assessment: SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) in Reading, Maths, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (SPaG)
  • Writing and Science are teacher assessed.


Year Group ~ Year 6

Type of Assessment: 

  • SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) in Reading, Maths, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (SPaG)
  • Writing and Science are teacher assessed.
  • A sample of schools are selected to sit Science tests (bi-annually)